As a rule I hate everyone.

I like to rant.

I don't remember what my natural hair color is. I'm a serial hair dyer.

Meredith, 24, female. Born and raised in Kentucky but SCREW THAT HELLHOLE so I moved to Massachusetts.

I am technologically illiterate.

Obsessions include Harry Potter, Buffy, Survivor, LOTR, USWNT, and that Captain Hook character from OUAT. Yum.


rubysrocket asked
i saw your post about abby and decided you were one of like 5 uswnt fans that i could handle following without wanting to punch so hi i'm ruby.

hi ruby! yeah, i get really fed up with most of the uswnt fans on here being utter morons. it’s always good to see that i’m not the only one

love that everyone goes balls to wall whenever anyone other than abby scores. “oh, abby just scored her second goal of the game but i’ve already decided she’s not very good anymore so i’m gonna act like i don’t care. in fact, let me write another post on why abby makes the team play worse because that makes a lot of sense.” 

what a great, loyal fan base this team has.


fun drinking game:

  • go into the uswnt tag
  • drink for every post hating on Abby
  • drink for every post criticizing Jill Ellis
  • finish your drink for every post that does both at the same time

well it wouldn’t be a uswnt game if there weren’t a significant number of deludanoids making illogical assertions that abby is the reason the team was playing like shit

yes please blame the goal scorer for why we only won 1-0. because there’s not 10 other players on the field or anything and a coach experimenting with questionable formations. it makes so much sense.